Sunnyside Hatchery has been providing egg and meat production strains, turkey poults, ducklings, and DeKalb "Blacks" to Wisconsin and the surrounding states for over 100 years.

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"There have been many changes in the hatchery business since my grandfather, Oscar Wilke, started the hatchery business over 100 years ago. Our goal has remained the same through three generations; to provide the highest quality chicks at competitive prices with superior service." - Mark Wilke

Sunnyside Celebrates Centennial

For Mark Wilke, the hatchery business remains sunny, although continually evolving. Wilke is the owner of Sunnyside, Inc., in Beaver Dam - one of only a handful of hatcheries remaining in Wisconsin today.

"Sunnyside goes back to my Grandpa's time," he says of his paternal grandfather Oscar, who began hatching chickens on his Waunakee farm in 1912.

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